******  Effective Sunday, March 31, 2019 Stellwagen Beer Company will be implementing a new age policy.  Families with children are welcome daily from open until 7PM.  After 7PM our taproom and beer garden will be 21+ only.  *******

Hours during which all ages are permitted at Stellwagen:

Monday from 3PM to 7PM

Tuesday from 3PM to 7PM

Wednesday from 3PM to 7PM

Thursday from 3PM to 7PM

Friday from 12PM to 7PM

Saturday from 12PM to 7PM

Sunday from 12PM to 7PM


A few thoughts on our updated policy:


First and most importantly: most of the families that visit our brewery are wonderful and respectful of our property and business and we thank you! Our sincere hope is that you do not feel alienated by this policy.  We appreciate your support and your business!


This was not an easy decision, but we think that with this new policy our taproom will become a more enjoyable place for all of our customers.   We love that adults with children can get out of the house, gather with friends at our brewery and responsibly sample our craft beers.  We know that the kids at breweries debate is polarizing and we see both sides.  Our hope with this new policy is that we are creating a win-win scenario.  If you’re a parent and love visiting our brewery with your little one, we’d love to have you from when we open until 7PM.  If you’re one that’s looking for a kid free evening, that’s what you’ll find at Stellwagen after 7PM and we’d love to have you too!


Parents and guardians – please help us out and be respectful of our rules.  Remember, we have a busy taproom with cement floors, glassware and tables with sharp corners.  For everyone’s safety and enjoyment we ask that:

1.       Children remain under the direct supervision of a responsible adult at all times

-          Running, climbing, rough housing, excessive yelling and destruction of property is not permitted,

2.       No one (especially children) is permitted in our production space.  We have dangerous equipment, chemicals and slippery floors. 


Our awesome staff is here to make sure that everyone visiting Stellwagen has an enjoyable experience.  If one of them needs to remind you of our rules, please be respectful and remember that they are just doing their job.

As always you must be 21 or older to drink our beer!